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Times of Transition book by author Lorna Forrester

Times of Transition

by Lorna Forrester

When young Jack Cassidy leads most of his large 'Youth Church' to split from their parent body, Church Militant - he leaves the lead pastor devastated. Pete Forsdyke and his wife, Lillias are already trying to come to terms with their young 'son', Joe's desire to transition as a woman.

Set in the nineties, they had felt privileged and blessed to be leading a large and growing Charismatic church and network of linked churches in UK and abroad. But events lead to questions which can no longer be glibly ignored or dealt with by the old familiar 'proof text' formulae.
Then, as now, the times were changing and for many,life would never be the same.

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Lorna Forrester, author

Lorna Forrester

Author of Times of Transition

Lorna Forrester is passionate about her first novel and sees it as a contribution to on-going dialogue and as support for individuals currently struggling with the issues raised by the story. Her over-riding concern is the toxic church culture which inevitably arises when a strong commitment to an inerrant Bible is j combined with biblical literalism in an  extremely authoritarian church structure. The story highlights the impact of this on LGBTQ members but only as one of the worst effects.

Influenced by the American ex-pastor, writer, blogger, international speaker and leader of the emerging church, Brian McLaren and by Oasis church and charity here in the UK, Lorna is hoping to encourage ex-evangelicals and to raise the profile of Progressive Christianity in these times of upheaval.
Somewhat of a recluse, Lorna Forrester is totally deaf and intends only to engage on-line, where she is concerned with encouraging irenic conversation.
A grandmother of three girls, she is indebted to the elder two for their lively encouragement and pertinent suggestions, from start to finish.


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This is a wide selection of poems from my teens up to Easter '23. Quite a few are merely entertainment...fun-doggerel, included because they give glimpses into aspects of my life.

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"Times of Transition -
A Heartfelt Exploration of Progressive Christianity, Challenging Assumptions and Inspiring Dialogue"

This book examines questions surrounding Christianity from a progressive perspective, delving into topics such as faith interpretation, feminism, socialism, and the church's response to the LGBT+ community. It offers a valuable contribution to the ongoing dialogue, capturing the emotions and uncertainties associated with change, while providing further insights into common objections and themes throughout the novel.